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Sometimes it’s just nice to smile and say ‘hi’

Silent Grace: the 1980-81 Republican No-Wash/Dirty Protests and Hunger Strikes in Armagh Prison

I originally put this blog post together a while ago for another site, but it is highlighting women in STEM rather than the arts and humanities just now, and I thought it might be useful to share it here. This case study forms part my larger discussion on moving image production concerning memories of imprisonment in post-conflict Northern Ireland in Old Borders, New Technologies: Reframing Film and Visual Culture in Contemporary Northern Ireland.

Carrying the difficult memories of others


My 20s were horrible. Absolutely horrible. There were good moments: gigs, people, movies. There were achievements that sound great: earning three degrees and publishing a scholarly monograph. There were moments of defiance: reaching breaking point and walking out of my horrible job at Tesco. But my 20s also involved surviving abusive relationships (not necessarily always romantic ones) and pushing myself literally to the point of collapse because of the dangerous climate of academic pressure - if you're not working yourself to the point of illness, you're not doing enough. 
Surviving these sorts of things may seem positive, but they take their toll. My 32-year-old self is rather resentful towards my twentysomething self for the signs of ageing, the damage, the anxiety, the lack of confidence, the fear, the diminished resilience that have only worsened in a life lived beyond my control. 
'Take back control' is a phrase in English that will go down in hist…