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Paula at Belfast Film Festival 2016

List of events I plan to attend at the 2016 Belfast Film Festival. Join me if you can!
Thu 14 April District Zero 7pm MAC Remake Remix Rip-Off 9pm Beanbag Cinema 
Fri 15 April Parisienne 6.30pm QFT  When Marnie Was There 9pm QFT
Sat 16 April Only A Free Individual Can Create A Free Society 12noon QFT Mairead McClean 2.30pm QFT House of Mirth 3.30pm QFT Virgin Mountain 6.30pm QFT Land of Mine 8.30pm QFT
Sun 17 April Belfast Nativity 12noon Movie House Dublin Rd Swansong 1.15pm QFT Elephant 4pm QFT Fractured City 6pm Movie House Dublin Rd 3 1/2 Minutes 8pm Pavillion Bar
Mon 18 April Almost Holy 6.30pm QFT Notfilm 20.45pm QFT
Tue 19 April  Contact 7pm Beanbag Cinema Psychomania 9pm Beanbag Cinema
Wed 20 April Psy-Warriors 6.30pm Beanbag Cinema No Home Movie 9pm Movie House Dublin Rd
Thu 21 April Vessel 4pm MAC Traders 6.40pm QFT Son of Saul 9.15pm QFT
Fri 22 April Short Competition Programme 1 4pm QFT Outcasts By Choice 8.15pm Strand Arts Centre
Sat 23 April Short Competition Programme 2 10am QFT UNresolved 2pm …

Mediated Women in Post/Conflict Northern Ireland

The following is a brief and neat version of the paper I gave at BAFTSS 2015 and was privileged to test-run with the general public at Newcastle City Library, both in April 2015.