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The Politics of Re-appropriation in Duncan Campbell’s It For Others

A recording of my paper at The Real and the Intermedial conference held at Sapientia University, Cluj-Napoca in October 2015.

Thoughts on Violence

What has happened all over the world in the past week (my allusion is deliberately vague and the time-frame arbitrary; how/where ought we to prescribe limitations on something as ubiquitous as violence?) serves as a new caution to be wary of using terms which include the 'post' prefix. 'Post-conflict' and 'post-colonialism', for example, are not always helpful or accurate. They imply that the problems are over and dealt with. They are not. Post-dictatorship countries like Chile still suffer the effects of the Pinochet years. Northern Ireland is only post-conflict in that the years of intense sustained violence have ceased. The issues from the Northern Ireland conflict are very much present, it's just that the fighting now takes place largely - though not exclusively - through words and political actions rather than with weapons.

On a more global scale, the oxymoronic war on terror has created a perpetuation of terror. It has continued the globalization of t…