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Thesis Abstract

Seeing that I am rather conscious that I began a blog with good intentions but have neglected to post due to unexpectedly getting full-time hours in my part-time job meaning I have not been out exploring the film and visual culture I am so passionate about, (*deep breath*) I am just going to post the odd fragment of older work until I can get out there making a critical nuisance of myself once again. Today’s instalment is my PhD thesis abstract for your viewing pleasure:
Old Borders, New Technologies: Visual Culture and Social Change in Contemporary Northern Ireland
The diverse convergence of film and visual art practices in contemporary Northern Ireland is indicative of its complex network of contested spaces; its visual culture is being radically re-shaped in the wake of the Troubles, and has become increasingly open to globally employed artistic influences and methods. Clearly, these factors challenge the expressive and social capability of traditional filmic practices to engage wi…

Now You See Us

Had a wee visit to Belfast Exposed this afternoon, it has been much too long. I went to discuss the possible use of some images from their archive for a Culture Night event that is slowly gathering in the dark cold chasms of my mind while it tries to focus on big important things like job applications and peer reviewed journal articles.  Anyway, after snooping around on the Gateways computer (a device full of digitized photographs that may cause you to lose many hours from your life - once you pop you can't stop), I delighted in viewing the Children in Need sponsored exhibition 'Now You See Us'.

I am really impressed by the quality of the images taken by the young people affiliated to the various groups BX has been working with. Thoughtful composition, content, themes, and exploitation of the technology in their hands are all on display. The selected images juxtapose youthful innocence and the beauty and oddity of nature with the harsh realities of disillusionment coupled …