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Some ECR chat

It is a year and a day since I last posted. I had just begun working as a Teaching Fellow in the University of Aberdeen. What a year 2013 turned out to be. I designed and coordinated an Honours course on Cinema and the American Avant-garde, and taught on the Introduction to Visual Culture and Cinema and Revolution courses. There were personal and professional difficulties, but I made the most incredible friends anyone could hope for, and learned so much about teaching, learning, and life. The six months flew in all too quickly, and I moved back to Belfast at the end of June (just in time for marching season, of course). I'd have liked to have travelled a bit, but Aberdeen is an expensive city to live in and I knew I wouldn't have income again until November as I had been offered a similar full-time fixed term position at Queen's, so back to my ma's it was.

What a summer. I had decided to save my earnings and eke them out until I was working again rather than sign on. I…